Hello world!

This is my very first blog post! I’m not fancy or advanced in the blog world; I wanted to start a blog simply to have an overflow of my heart and relationship with Jesus to share with anyone interested! So grab a cup of tea, find a cozy spot and make yourself at home!

My name is Beka Pendleton; I recently got married, moved to Georgia and joined the staff at the House of Prayer in Atlanta, which has been a dream of mine since I was in High School. I serve on staff in the prayer room as well as serving in the city. I was pursued at a young age by the heart of God, overwhelmed by His love, and now I get to live as a response in love to who Jesus is and how He loves me.

The purpose of these pages is to encourage you to love Jesus, to go deeper in Him, seeking to know Him more than we did yesterday, and to acknowledge that we’re all in on our own journey with Jesus.

I don’t want to be distant from the One I’m supposed to love more than any other. HE is the prize! He is the reason for my existence. I don’t want to say I know Him, but in reality only know ABOUT Jesus. I want to KNOW Him! What are His likes and dislikes? What are His thoughts and emotions towards me and my world? How do I get to know the Man who the Bible calls the Desire of the Nations? Just like I know my best friends well: their favorite foods, colors, flowers, Starbucks drinks and what music to play when we’re in my car–I want to be that close to Jesus and more. To really know Him. Hopefully what you find in my blog will provoke you to seek Him out more than you have before. He’s worthy!


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