Waiting for…Someday

“Our lust for future comfort is the biggest thief of life”

It seems like we’re always waiting for something– tomorrow, the weekend, our day off, retirement, til we graduate. Then everything will be different & better, right?

Single people are waiting for the day they’re in a relationship or married. Married people long for kids, for their kids to be out of the house, or, or, or. This is life, full of different seasons. Are you waiting  for that perfect future season, whatever it is? Do you think all your current problems will be solved? If yes, you might be missing out on what God has for you right now in the present.

One Example

King David in the Old Testament was called a man after God’s heart, and he is one of the few who didn’t live “always waiting for the next season.”

If you feel like your circumstances aren’t so good–don’t wait til they change for you to start living! Stop thinking, ” well if only I had this, or if this was different in my life, then I’d be a better person, I’d be a somebody.”

When David was young, he had the job of taking care of the family sheep. Super lame. That was the lowest of the low job. Shepherds were definitely not the popular guys in society back then. It was far from glamorous, but David stuck with it. He even became a pro harp player during his sheep watching days. But ultimately, He had to watch stupid, stinky sheep everyday and be responsible for them.

sheep2.jpgOne day, the honored prophet Samuel came to his house and asked to meet their family (David had at least 7 other siblings). For whatever reason, David’s dad purposefully left him out and didn’t call for him to come… A famous guy came to their house who told him to get everyone, and David didn’t even make the cut in his dad’s eyes!

So if David was a seeming nobody, why did God choose him to be king? Maybe it’s because David didn’t wait until his dad noticed him, or til he had a job that wasn’t lame to be a person with good character & full of joy, who loved God with everything. David started building history in God even in the midst of awful circumstances and didn’t use that as an excuse.

Maybe that’s what got him promoted eventually, but he didn’t wait to be king for his life to count. Even in the middle of nowhere, as a nobody, David worshipped God, took risks, trusted God and didn’t let his circumstances determine WHO he was becoming.

 Don’t Wait

One day, David became the king of Israel, was called a man after God’s own heart, and ultimately was an ancestor of Jesus, all huge honors. But he was called a man after God’s heart BEFORE he was king. God picked him to be king because of who he was when he was a sheep watcher.

What if you’re in a time of ‘watching sheep in a wilderness’ & you’re getting ready for the future seasons of what Jesus has for you? What if you wait to be who you’re called to be until you get promoted, but when you get there, you find that you missed out because you were waiting instead of living? Who you are now determines who you’ll be then.

Plus, Jesus LOVES the journey and the process. It’s not necessarily about one point in time when you do something, but your whole life journey with Him! It all counts! The waiting, the learning, the trials, the promotions–everything.

Don’t wait until then to live. Stop waiting for someday. Live now



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