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You’ll find blog thoughts filled with encouragement & inspiration that challenge you to pursue the Lord in a deeper way. Through the overflow of my walk with Jesus & life experiences, my hope is as you read, something stirs you to go after the MORE in God that’s available to all of us!


I hope you find challenging new revelation about Jesus that causes you to want to pursue Him even more. Discover here that there’s nothing more valuable than the knowledge of Jesus: it changes everything–how we live, think, react to others and see ourselves. The truth about who God is is everywhere, and He is worthy of all our affection & time! The point of our lives is TO KNOW HIM! I pray you’d find your own secret place treasures in your time with God & wherever you’re at. The Lord has music for those who listen.

If you’d like to share any thoughts, I would love to know!

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For His glory,



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