Dream Come True!-My Job

Since I was young, being on staff at the House of Prayer in Atlanta has been a dream of mine. My husband James and I moved to Georgia to fulfill this calling of being a part of night and day prayer, and have served on staff for the past 3 years.

Intercessory Missionary
James & I are involved in the House of Prayer & loving it!

If you’re curious to know more, this page is dedicated to a little more explanation. IHOP ATL is a house of prayer-missions base. This means we do 3 things: night & day worship & prayer, we do outreach from our neighborhoods to the nations, and we are a vibrant church community. In 2006, a prayer meeting began that has continued night & day, without stopping, ever since! Our prayer room is a place where worship-led prayer meetings never stop, even in the middle of the night, someone is giving God glory and partnering with Him in prayer. We believe the worth of Jesus demands that He’s worshipped at all times to reflect what’s going on in heaven around God’s throne! Our prayer room is the heartbeat of all we do, especially our outreach and ministry.

Intercessory Missionaries

IMG_0364 (1)The staff at IHOP ATL are referred to as intercessory missionaries; more simply: intercession–we pray; missionary–live the lifestyle of a missionary. This means all outreach & ministry flows from a place of prayer & closeness with God.

Mike Bickle, the director of the House of Prayer in KC says it clearly:

  1. We minister to God by declaring His worth unceasingly, reflecting the way He receives worship continually in heaven (Mt. 6:10). We magnify the supremacy of Jesus, spreading His fame by declaring His worth, beauty, and riches, calling others to love and obey Him and give their allegiance to Him. Millions of people across the nations join the choirs of heaven by ministering to God in this way. He is worthy.
  2. We labor in intercession for the release of God’s power to win the lost, revive the Church, and impact society, while also engaging in works of justice and compassion.
  3. We grow in intimacy with God by personally encountering Him through His indwelling Spirit, receiving greater grace (Jas. 4:6) to love, obey, and partner with Him, as we are fascinated by who He is.
  4. We grow in the understanding of God’s Word, gaining insight into His will, ways, and salvation and learning about the unique dynamics of His end-time plan to transition the earth to the age to come. We serve others in an important way by taking the time and effort to grow in our understanding of the Word, that we may help others understand God’s heart and will for this hour of history.

The Heart Behind It

I love my job. I get to sit at Jesus’ feet & be available for the ministry He’s called me to in a full-time way! I know this is a unique season where ministry is my vocation for now, but it’s always been who I am.  The Lord marked me as an intercessor at a young age–even before I knew what being an intercessor was, or even that IHOP existed! My passion is to hear God’s voice, know what’s on His heart & then agree with Him in prayer and see Him move in people’s lives! It’s incredible that He chooses His people to partner with Him & set up His kingdom that way.

Have you ever experienced answered prayer? To know the God of the Universe is listening, that He sees little me and the small details of my life, has changed who I am.


Have you ever prayed & actually seen Him move? That’s huge. He’s including you in what’s going on, and your request for help makes a difference! Every time we pray, He hears! And He has invited all of us into this reality of closeness with Him!


Because intercessory missionaries raise their own support, each month, I send out update letters to the people on my ministry partnership team with testimonies, telling about the House of Prayer, & what I feel God is emphasizing.

Anything with the tag Monthly Updates is part of a version of those monthly newsletters as well as supplemental pages. I welcome any questions you have, just leave me a comment!

The link for our website at the House of Prayer Atlanta: http://www.ihop-atlanta.com


Thank you for your interest & for taking time to read more!

~Beka & James


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