2015- New Beginnings

As 2015 is coming to a close, it’s that time of year to be looking back on all the Lord has done & remember His faithfulness, so I’d like to share a few key happenings with you! If you didn’t already know, it’s been a dream of mine to be on staff at the House of Prayer in Atlanta since I was in high school, and this year, the Lord made this dream a reality! To be an intercessory missionary means my vocation is to live a missionary lifestyle, with my main responsibility to the Lord in prayer. All ministry then, flows from a place of prayer & closeness with God; I serve in a live prayer room that runs night & day, and has for almost 10 years! This June, after raising support to be on staff, my husband & I moved to Georgia, where we’ll be until the Lord says otherwise! This has been a year of new beginnings for James & I and we’re looking forward to all the Lord has for us!

Since being at the House of Prayer, I’ve had amazing opportunities to see young adults and children be transformed by the knowledge of God, from my local community in Georgia, all the way to Mexico.  Through local outreaches and a mission trip to Mexico this fall, I’ve personally been a part of over 50 people giving their lives to the Lord! I also get to serve at Forerunner Church—our college age ministry—where hundreds of young adults have encountered the Lord. I love being on the leadership team that disciples young adults and develops student leaders, reaching over 100 students each week! Young hearts have opened up to the truth of the Gospel & will never be the same! My vision is to see the younger generation be transformed by the knowledge of God, so that they would love Him wholeheartedly for the rest of their lives. To labor in ministry with the Lord in these ways has impacted me and many others & I’m grateful to see Him change lives firsthand!

Personally, I’ve been learning a ton about balancing everything on my plate in this season: ministry, moving to Georgia, home life, & being newly married. I serve in leadership in a few areas at IHOP, and I love them all, but it has been a stretching time for me. I feel really honored to be a part of building the House of Prayer, as I get to watch people’s lives change every week (and am changed in the process). Though it’s been hard to be away from loved ones in Colorado, James & I fee like moving to Georgia has been a God-ordained time where we’ve been positioned to encounter His heart & be prepared for the future. The Lord’s leadership is perfect!