The Fields are White! Mexico Missions Trip 2015

“The fields are white, they’re all around us. We live life like they’re not. So consumed in our ambitions, so distant from Your heart”-Caleb Andrews

This fall I had the chance to go to Mexico for a week-long mission trip with the House of Prayer in Atlanta. I found out about the trip because of a last-minute opening THREE WEEKS before they planned to leave–and the opening was for someone who spoke Spanish… This was a chance to fulfill my life-long dream of ministering to others in a foreign country using the gift the Lord gave me of speaking Spanish. I was unsure if it was what I was supposed to do, so I threw it out there on media to see if the money would come in that quickly- Continue reading “The Fields are White! Mexico Missions Trip 2015”


Let’s Waste Our Lives


Mary of Bethany was one of Jesus’ close friends when He walked on the Earth. She and her family knew Him well and had Him over for dinner when He was in town. One time, her sister, Martha, invited Jesus and the disciples over, but Mary didn’t help her serve, instead she sat at Jesus’ feet and listened to His teaching. Martha was upset because she needed help cooking and had to do it alone. Jesus’ response to Martha is, “Leave her alone, she has chosen the better part & it won’t be taken from her.”

Wow. The Uncreated God put on flesh, Continue reading “Let’s Waste Our Lives”

Exciting Update with James

Everyone–I’m highlighting something James wrote about how he’s getting involved at IHOP in a few weeks! We can’t wait!!  Please read! (And ask me or James if you have any questions!)

I want to share some exciting news with you about an opportunity that I have this fall. Recently, as Beka and I have transitioned to Georgia to be at the House of Prayer in Atlanta, I’ve been getting involved and serving in different areas. During their Sunday services, people who are on staff give testimonies about being a part of IHOP and going through internships, and I felt the Lord strongly tell me recently to be a part of the upcoming internship at IHOP this fall. Continue reading “Exciting Update with James”

The Perfect Leader

Look at the leaders in the Earth–state, church, work bosses, national leaders & in your own life– what do they look like? Are they perfect leaders that you’d follow anywhere? Do they lay down their lives for you or are they kind and consider how they talk to you? Do they value your life more than their own? The bad news is: most leaders aren’t any of those things. The good news is: Jesus is. Continue reading “The Perfect Leader”


At IHOP ATL we have internships, a ministry school, outreaches, a local church and a missions training school called ACTS-Antioch Center for Training and Sending. I’d like to highlight the ACTS school, as the second year students will be sent out for a long term mission in the 10/40 window for 2 years! The 10/40 window is the area between 10 & 40 degrees latitude, and is a big deal because it’s the spot where the majority of the unreached people groups are. That means it’s full of people who have never heard of the name of Jesus. They don’t even get the opportunity to say yes to Him or not & they have no clue what the Gospel is. The 10/40 window holds 97% of the world’s unreached people—and only 10% of all missionaries are sent there. These regions and people groups are not just those who have no concern or interest in Christianity, but are actually resistant and even hostile to it. Continue reading “Ekballo”

Making an Eternal Difference: Elijah Camp

Happy late Independence Day! I hope you’re doing well & had fun with your family for the holiday weekend!! My favorite parts are listening to patriotic songs and making red, white and blue food/desserts, and of course, the fireworks! James and I are settling in, and I’m LOVING life on staff at IHOP! It’s like my heart is a puzzle piece that fits perfectly in what God has for me here in this season; I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be! It’s been challenging (& fun) because I’m stepping into new roles Continue reading “Making an Eternal Difference: Elijah Camp”


Do you know what the book of Hosea is about? Have you ever read it? I know its after Psalms and before the New Testament so not many people touch those books in between. Maybe the end of Isaiah because it’s not too bad, definitely not Jeremiah because that book is intense, but Hosea? The Old Testament prophets seem to be a secret weapon that many people are unaware of–

Continue reading “Hosea”

Hello world!

This is my very first blog post! I’m not fancy or advanced in the blog world; I wanted to start a blog simply to have an overflow of my heart and relationship with Jesus to share with anyone interested! So grab a cup of tea, find a cozy spot and make yourself at home!

My name is Beka Pendleton; I recently got married, moved to Georgia and joined the staff at the House of Prayer in Atlanta, which has been a dream of mine since I was in High School. I serve on staff in the prayer room as well as serving in the city. I was pursued at a young age by the heart of God, overwhelmed by His love, and now I get to live as a response in love to who Jesus is and how He loves me.

The purpose of these pages is to encourage you to love Jesus, to go deeper in Him, seeking to know Him more than we did yesterday, and to acknowledge that we’re all in on our own journey with Jesus.

I don’t want to be distant from the One I’m supposed to love more than any other. HE is the prize! He is the reason for my existence. I don’t want to say I know Him, but in reality only know ABOUT Jesus. I want to KNOW Him! What are His likes and dislikes? What are His thoughts and emotions towards me and my world? How do I get to know the Man who the Bible calls the Desire of the Nations? Just like I know my best friends well: their favorite foods, colors, flowers, Starbucks drinks and what music to play when we’re in my car–I want to be that close to Jesus and more. To really know Him. Hopefully what you find in my blog will provoke you to seek Him out more than you have before. He’s worthy!